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Medicare Advantage

October 15th - Dec 7th is open enrollment for Medicare. This is a time for beneficiaries to make changes in the way they receive their Medicare services.

The most common change people make is to choose a Medicare Advantage plan. These plans look very much like some managed care commercial plans. These plans usually have some form of provider network with whom they contract. They are required to cover the same things that original Medicare covers, but may structure services differently.

Additionally, by managing their services, they often may offer lower rates to their members. Many times there will be no monthly premium and may offer $0 copays for office visits. Some offer services above and beyond what Medicare covers. While some do not, many Medicare Advantage plans also cover prescriptions under the same umbrella of care.

Some areas of the country offer more Medicare Advantage plans than others. It is important to review which plans service the county of your residence. Equally important is to consider your current costs and coverage. If you are happy with what you have, then you don't have to change a thing!