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Enlisting Local Support

When you are caring for someone from a distance, it may be beneficial to enlist the help of friends or other resources in the local community. Consider asking one of your parent's friends, church members, relatives, or neighbors to check in on a regular basis. Communicate to this person some of your concerns or wishes. Ask that they let you know if something looks amiss.

Identify who can be contacted in an emergency. Knowing that a trusted individual is nearby in time of need is reassuring. Be sure to offer a thank you of some type. Be willing to reimburse someone for their time in actual payment or gift card. Even if the friend is unwilling to accept payment, a thank you note is always a great way to show appreciation.

No trusted people nearby? Consider community resources. Good places to start are your Area Council of Aging, local churches, and non-profits serving families and seniors. Even if the organization does not have its own companion program, it more than likely can direct you to a place that does.