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Covering Care in Assisted Living

You may be surprised to find out that Medicare does not cover assisted living services for your loved one. The premise of assisted care is that a person can receive help with non-medical needs such as medication reminders, assistance with dressing or bathing, eating, mobility, and even housekeeping.

One would assume that since these basic needs are essential for the care and safety of their loved one, that they would be covered. This is not the case. Care and safety related services, sometimes referred to as “custodial” services, are considered non-medical/non-skilled care in the eyes of Medicare.

In the assisted living setting, room, board, and custodial services are paid privately by the resident. This means out-of-pocket expense for the resident or family members. Since the price tag on these services may be cost-prohibitive for some, there are a few different programs a person can use to help fund this care.

Veteran related assistance, long-term care insurance, and state-funded assistance may provide supplemental funds. These types of assistance all come with their own requirements and should be planned for in advance of actually needing them.