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Causes of Dementia

The type of dementia is based upon the presenting symptoms and the categorization of the suspected underlying disease that caused it.

Many times causes of dementia are difficult to determine. Some dementias are treatable, while others are not. Some treatable forms of dementia are toxic, metabolic, depression-related, and medication-induced.

Some forms of toxic dementia may be over exposure to alcohol, drugs, or heavy-metals. Metabolic related dementia may result from thyroid disease or vitamin B-12 deficiency as an example. A senior may present with dementia-like symptoms in the context of a depressive episode.

The most common and reversible type of dementia is medication-induced dementia. If identified early, intervention can result from a conversation with the senior’s physician or pharmacist.

A proactive approach to reduce the occurrence of this dementia, might be to manage the senior’s medication early on, and have the medications reviewed regularly.