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A Variety of Assisted Living Options

You have decided that care outside the home setting may be in order. What is next? Depending upon where you live, there may be anywhere from a handful to a plethora of options! Assisted living options come in many sizes, styles, and offer a variety of care choices.

Available options may include small homes, large resort-like communities, assisted neighborhoods with groupings of small homes, and apartments attached to skilled nursing centers. The options available, and the policies that regulate them, differ from state to state. Additionally, each residence may offer a different level of care.

For example, some assisted living communities may offer only minimal hands on care while others may allow for a resident who is bed bound and at the end of life. Some assisted living homes offer security to protect those with wandering dementia, while others may not. Know what is important to you and your loved one. Do your homework. Ask a medical provider for suggestions.